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A nurse who read these revelations wrote a letter to Mother Jones magazine, in which she cited statements she heard at the obstetrics and gynecology department of a large university hospital. She noted that although comments of 
this kind were not canadian pharmacy without prescription released by all male doctors, they usually all considered them funny. Here are her examples:
Resident anesthetist: “I hate it when we come to give birth to these Lamaze canadian pharmacy no prescription. When I am ready to undergo anesthesia, they are stubborn, and this breaks my plans. Nothing, when they request it myself, I will do my best so 
that they have to wait a hell of a long time - I will come when it will be convenient for me. ”
Resident of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: "On Halloween, I will dress up as a woman - I will cut myself with mucus."
The attending physician, after examining a young patient: “Yes, this confirms my theory about teenage pregnancies. They all have big boobs. ”
Some researchers of the history of medicine, among them G. G. Barker Benfield, who wrote The Horrors of the Unlearned Life, argue that gynecology was singled out as a specialty for the sake of avenging women and controlling 
them. According to him,  doctors resented the involvement of women in the work during the industrial revolution and the movement for the rights of women associated with this newfound freedom. Canadian Drugstore Online And they began to use their power as 
doctors to deal with women who challenged the superiority of men. They achieved this by using crude operations, such as removing the clitoris and ovaries, to show women who is the master of the situation.
An aggressive surgical Save now drugs intervention that arose at the Republic of gynecology preceded the widespread and often unjustified conduct of operations in all areas of surgery taking place today. But when it comes to unjustified 
operations, gynecologists and obstetricians turn out to be the most terrible villains, perhaps because they have been doing it longer than others.
I have always found it fascinating and true that modern gynecologists honor Dr. J. Marion Sims, one of these first gynecologists, as “the father of gynecology.” This recognition is based on the fact that Sims founded the New 
York Women's Hospital, canadian pharmacy online invented a number of surgical instruments and, most importantly, developed a technique for closing vesicore vaginal fistulas, which have an empty space between the vagina and bladder. This latest 

invention brought him another title - “the architect of the vagina”.

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